About Us

Billa was founded by three Melbournian's who share a strong passion in delivering healthy alternatives to their customers. We wanted to offer a central place for health supplies as looking after your well being and family is the most important part of having a healthy lifestyle. Most of us would understand the frustration of shopping around endlessly, making sure we are consuming the good stuff. So we made this our focus, to ensure our customers will have access to one store for all their health needs with extremely fast delivery!

Billa Health Supplies delivers good quality, brand products that you will enjoy consuming. The brands selected by Billa are mainly sourced from Australian suppliers , some of which you may be familiar with. We assure that our products focus on delivering for your well being and good health for your family.

We are also very excited to share our passion for travel with our customers. We combine health, lifestyle with a range of travel accessories. Check out our range under our Travel Accessories category. To good health and happy travels!